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51 | When to Use a Freebie and When to Go Direct to Sale

March 11, 2024 Becky Kopitzke
The Inspired Business Podcast
51 | When to Use a Freebie and When to Go Direct to Sale
Show Notes

Are free lead magnets the best way to attract customers? Usually no, but sometimes yes. There are a few occasions when offering a freebie before asking for the sale is a smart strategy. But it has to be the right kind of freebie, meaning, one that attracts the right people and nurtures them toward a conversion. In this episode of The Inspired Business podcast, you’ll learn when you should use a freebie and when you shouldn’t—and why. Plus we’ll touch on what makes a freebie valuable (for you as well as for the customer) and why giving stuff away for free is still not my favorite strategy in most situations.

  • One thing that makes me different from other digital marketing coaches
  • When to use a freebie vs. direct to sale depends on two factors: price and marketing strategy
  • In general, low-ticket can skip the freebie and go direct to sale UNLESS you’re using partner marketing. And high-ticket needs a warm-up offer… which may or may not be a freebie. 
  • Low-ticket through ads = direct to sale
  • Low-ticket through email marketing = direct to sale for your own subscribers
  • Low-ticket through partner marketing = lead magnet
  • Lead magnet rules for partner marketing
  • High-ticket = offering a warm-up / buffer experience is wise

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