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45 | Should You Wait for Inspiration Before You Create?

December 18, 2023 Becky Kopitzke
The Inspired Business Podcast
45 | Should You Wait for Inspiration Before You Create?
Show Notes

Don’t you love it when a message practically writes itself? It’s that moment when God suddenly downloads some brilliant piece of content into your brain, and you get to receive it, record it, and share it with the world… all for His glory.

But life doesn’t work that way every day. As content creators and business owners, we know work still needs to get done whether it’s divinely inspired or not. As faith-based creators, how are we to handle the tension between inspiration and craft?

Does it honor God to create content without waiting on His direction? How can we build a sustainable business if those moments of inspiration don’t gel with our deadlines? And what are we really called to do as contentpreneurs? The answer might be much simpler than you think.

Tune into this episode of The Inspired Business Podcast to discover what the Bible says about inspiration from God, creating messages of hope even when we don’t “feel” like it, and how to treat your calling with respect for the One who called you… and the ones He called you to serve.

  • My clearest memory of God-inspired content
  • What inspiration means and doesn’t mean
  • God equips us to do His will… even when it doesn’t “feel” inspired
  • God has also commanded us to be ready
  • What it looks like when the Holy Spirit answers our prayers for words
  • You have everything it takes to create… plus this one key ingredient
  • The role of planning for the business-minded content creator
  • Three tips for making your creative work a craft
  • Why the results don’t matter as much as we think they do

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