The Inspired Business Podcast

28 | It's Time to Raise Your Prices

March 20, 2023 Becky Kopitzke
The Inspired Business Podcast
28 | It's Time to Raise Your Prices
Show Notes

If you’re not yet earning the income you need from your creative work, it might be time to raise your prices. My guest in this episode, bestselling author Brett Harris, founder of the Author Conservatory, shares his insight on the win-win scenario of charging according to your value, which actually empowers you to serve your audience better. This conversation is an encore presentation from our Inspire Summit.


  • When earning an income is a necessity, not an option
  • Choosing to include Jesus in your work doesn’t mean you can’t charge for it
  • Why we shouldn’t withhold what we have; we serve people better when we offer more
  • The Hollywood/Amazon business model (your book is just a calling card)
  • Three fundamentals of making money
  • Why we should value what we offer (and what it means if we don’t)
  • Charging more enables us to help our customers achieve their goals
  • Why you should care about your hourly rate
  • How much does our audience determine our price?
  • Consider the 10 percent of your audience that wants more from you

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Inspire Summit
Author Conservatory
Young Writers Workshop

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